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Carolyn's Corner

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Carolyn Lapps is the General Manager at Fetch Family Pet Resort. Her love and passion for all animals began at a young age and has led to a career. She is frequently consulted on pet socialization, family integration issues, and is highly regarded for her experience with domestic animal management and care.

Dalmatian sleeping comfortably in a crate

Let’s Talk About Crate Training

Crate training is a superb way to create desirable behaviors in dogs. Professional trainers advocate for the use of crates because they mimic and satisfy a dog’s instinct to be in a den. At the same time, it can alleviate many problems that arise in the early stages of bonding with your furry family member.…

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dog wearing a sweater and carrying a football

Let’s Talk About Hiking with Your Dog

The weather is warming up and as walks get longer, one starts to think about longer hikes. Just as you prepare for your own hydration, nutrition, and protection for a hike, one needs to give the same consideration to your furry hiking partner. For you silly people –  I mean your dogs 😊 Your dog…

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dog playing a brain game

Thinking of Re-Homing Your Dog? Read This First

All dog owners experience frustration at times, and it’s only natural to think of re-homing your dog when things feel out of control. During the two year span considered to be the height of the COVID pandemic, dogs were adopted at an historic rate. Flash forward twelve to twenty-four months later, and shelters are full,…

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little dog getting a belly rub

Why Dogs Need Private Rest Space

We are going to confront the word “crate” once and for all, because, simply put, a crate is not a bad thing for your dog. Dogs come from wolves and, wolves are denning animals. Dogs need a den of their own. Most homeowners use crates or outdoor doghouses for such (another subject for summer). Dogs…

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dog with a rope toy

Play Patterns Between Dogs and Humans

When your dog likes to play, do you ever give thought to how they play? All pets have their favorites modes of play with their human caregivers and understanding each helps enhance the experience, keeps you and your dog safer, and furthers the bond between you and your furry family member. Essentially, there are four…

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behavior modification -- three white dogs

Basic Obedience and Behavior Modification

The most important thing you can do for a dog is train them. Hands down, it is the best investment of time in your relationship with your dog. It will keep them safe; it will keep you safe; it will keep others safe. Training your dog teaches them how to interact with other dogs and…

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well-behaved dogs

Why Training

Training your dog is essential. Many of us want to treat them like little furry humans – but they aren’t – they are animals – who with the right nurturing and training become members of our family. Training is a time investment in the beginning, or at any stage of the relationship, and requires maintenance…

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anxious dog

Why Doggie Daycare Should Not Be Your New Dog’s First Interaction – Timing is Everything

Recently, I wrote about the 3-3-3 rule when bringing a new dog to your home. Furry family members take a while to adjust to a new environment. There are new smells, sounds, and people. There are patterns to adjust to so that your pet feels safe and secure – and this takes time. The same…

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fetch resort vs a neighbor

Boarding Your Dog vs Friend Watching

There’s always been a debate about which is better – boarding your pet or having a neighbor watch them. In many ways, this topic is outdated as the chatter around the choices emanates from days when a pet was boarded in a kennel and simply kept in a cage except for the occasional walk. Pet…

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dog aggression

Types of Dog Aggression

When a dog barks or growls or even attempts to bite, it is seen as aggressive behavior. While this can be frightening and a cause for concern, did you know there are seven types of dog aggression? Understanding each and their origins will help develop treatment plans and improve behavior and safety. Fear Aggression: Dogs…

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