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About Us

Pets are Family at Fetch Family Pet Resort

Fetch Family Pet Resort was created so South Jersey pet parents have a safe, healthy, and comfortable pet care option we’d want for our own fur babies. Pets are precious family members who deserve the best when away from home. Our facility was built around this philosophy, and we are confident you and your pets will agree. We are located in Washington Township/Sewell, NJ.

What makes Fetch Family Pet Resort so fetching?

Group of smiling dogs
  • We are staffed by passionate team members, and their dedication to your pets doesn’t go down with the sun; we're here 24/7.
  • Our award-winning facility features custom-built pet suites and penthouses that provide maximum comfort.
  • Sophisticated cleaning, air filtration, and security systems keep our facility as healthy and safe as possible. Regular room visits from our staff ensure all pets are happy and healthy day in and day out.
  • Our 16,000 sq. ft. outdoor play area designed with pet grade turf makes Fetch one of the largest dog daycares in South Jersey.
  • We have a custom-made doggie splash pad shaped like a bone. Pups love to have fun playing and splashing the cool, clean water.
  • In addition to our outdoor play yards, we have 4 large indoor playrooms used for play time as well as rest time, so we can have fun rain or shine!

Meet Our Team

Lily with two dogs


Lily is the Daycare and Boarding Manager of Fetch Family Pet Resort and came on board prior to our opening as part of our strategic team. With years of animal care experience, her development of many policies and procedures has been instrumental to our efficiency, safety, and ultimate cleanliness. Lily works daily with dog integration, canine group management, and animal care to ensure a happy and secure play environment. She has experience as a professional dog bather. With over 15 years of experience handling equines through training, care, and competition- she is well versed in animals of all sizes! Constantly hungry for animal knowledge, she has attended seminars on canine/feline boarding to provide the best care possible for our furry friends. In her free time, she tends to her animals which include Golden Retrievers named Gypsy and Maisy and her horse, Cricket. From a young age animals have been her passion, therefore being a part of the Fetch Family is quite literally her dream career! Lily is certified by the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC) and is certified in first aid and pet CPR.

Amanda Troutman

Amanda Troutman

Amanda is a Senior Attendant at Fetch Family Pet Resort and is involved in all aspects of dog integration, play activities, and group care. A graduate of Stockton University with a bachelor’s in biology, Amanda brought prior experience from having worked at the PetSmart Hotel.  She has one dog at home named Roxy and grew up with dogs, hamsters, birds, and fish. Amanda keeps a US Photo map at home and is slowly knocking out visits to all the States. A nature lover at heart, she likes hiking and wood burning (Pyrography). Amanda says the best things about working at Fetch are, “It’s like working with an extended family with everyone helping each other, and of course, the absolute best are Mike McIntyre’s jokes. I keep pushing him to try stand up at the clubs.”  

Jackie Linzey

Jackie Linzey

Jackie is a Reservation Specialist at Fetch Family Pet Resort and is one of the great “voices” you hear at Fetch. She came to us in the summer of 2021, and prior to that worked as a medical assistant for almost two decades. Jackie and her partner have two dogs, Nugget and Buddy, and one cat named Saturday. They call their pets “hand-me-downs” because they came from other people when needing to be re-homed. Jackie grew up with pets having birds, Guinea pigs, cats, and dogs. Her favorite places to spend free time are the shore, Bermuda, and her craft room where she creates everything from unique clothing apparel to tumblers and including some of the more unusual Fetch branded items. She says, “At Fetch, I get to spend my work day with dogs in my office. I like to think it’s soothing for all of us!”


Michael C.

Michael C. is an overnight attendant at Fetch which makes him an extremely important facet in our facility. He keeps watch on your furry family members while the rest of us sleep. It’s a position of tremendous responsibility, and we are grateful to have him. Michael currently has two cats and a dog at home, and he grew up with a Congo African Grey Parrot. They are known for living 40-60 years and can impersonate over two hundred sounds. Michael swears to this day that he is the only one who has never been bit by the parrot! Regarding his work at Fetch, Michael says, “I love the animals. In my role, I get to see their individual personalities, and that is one of my favorite parts of being part of the Fetch family.


Zabril R.

Zabril is a Pet Care Specialist at Fetch and graduated from Washington Township High School. She calls herself a “band kid” and played the Mellophone and the Clarinet in the school marching band. Before coming to Fetch, Zabril worked as a Manager at a Heritage Dairy Store for six years, but pets have always been her calling. She grew up with dogs, and currently, she has a Boxer mix at home named Bella. Zabril loves to go on cruises with family and writes music in her free time. “The dog breed that most aligns with me is a husky because I can be talkative and energetic all the time!”


Lexi S.

Lexi is a reservation specialist at Fetch and an essential part of keeping order in chaos that animals can bring! She has been in the pet care field for six years and prior to coming to Fetch she worked as a veterinary assistant. At a young age, she became a NJ State FFA Officer under the NJ Department of Agriculture and grew up with dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, chickens, pigs, and lizards. At home, she has three dogs: Jedi, Missi-Mae, Roxy and two guinea pigs: Elvira and Freddy. When not working, Lexi likes to vacation in Chincoteague, Virginia and enjoys fishing, painting, drawing, and photography. Favorite pet story: Lexi had a white chicken named Snowball in her agriculture program at school. It acted like a puppy and would wait at her feet to be picked up and held. She says the dog breed that best suits her personality is the golden retriever!

Kymberleigh M.

Kymberleigh M.

Kym is a Senior Pet Care Specialist at Fetch and graduated from Washington Township High School. Her commute to work is fifty minutes in each direction so she is a die-hard employee who loves being around animals – and loves working at Fetch. Kym is also in school to become a Veterinary Assistant. She grew up with dogs and cats and has two cats at home: Ashe and Nyx. Her favorite breed of dog is a Great Dane which she likes to call a “gentle giant.” Kym says the breed that best aligns with her personality is the Italian Greyhound because they can be shy and hyper at the same time.