Boarding Your Dog vs Friend Watching

There’s always been a debate about which is better – boarding your pet or having a neighbor watch them. In many ways, this topic is outdated as the chatter around the choices emanates from days when a pet was boarded in a kennel and simply kept in a cage except for the occasional walk. Pet resorts are not kennels, Fetch is clearly not the kennel of days past. Here are some reasons why a pet resort best serves your pet’s needs as opposed to the “pop-in” neighbor solution when you’re away.

Anxiety: Your dog is used to a certain routine in your home. There is a daily schedule of people coming and going, meals at certain times, and familiar voices, smells, and sounds. When that gets disrupted, even the familiar can seem unfamiliar. A dog may get anxious in a home without the familiar comings and goings. The predictability of a neighbor or pet sitter dropping in has not been established as a pattern in the dog’s mind which prompt anxiety. Simply putting out a massive amount of food and water with a couple of potty breaks during the day will not ease this anxiety. Anxious dogs will ultimately have accidents in the house and display destructive behavior such as chewing on things like furniture and cabinet corners.

Supervision: Pets need supervision. They don’t always the behave the way we want them to. The occasional corrective “no” is needed. Left without supervision is the equivalent of giving all yeses for your pet’s behavior. Multiple pets, no matter how close, always require supervision as behavior can be different in the absence of the owner when it comes to food and water aggression. Even play can get out of hand. Most importantly, constant supervision is needed for the pet’s safety. Animals do choke, do have seizures, do have medical emergencies just like people. At Fetch, pets are supervised twenty-four hours a day and attendants are trained to respond to emergencies.

dog boarding. at Fetch ResortDependability: When entrusting a neighbor or friend to check in on pets, we inevitably place our pets in a vulnerable position. As the expression goes, life happens (okay, that’s G rated), but you know what I mean. Thigs happen in our lives that could prevent one from taking your pet out at 4:00pm for a walk. An accident on the highway, a flat tire, a dead battery, a sick child, a sports tournament that goes into overtime, a sick relative, a lost key…. I could make up reasons all day long, but you get my point. Inside Fetch, there’s always someone here; there’s always a schedule.

If you want to further this discussion or have any questions, I’m only a bark away.


Carolyn’s Corner

Carolyn Lapps is the General Manager at Fetch Family Pet Resort. Her love and passion for all animals began at a young age and has led to a career. She is frequently consulted on pet socialization, family integration issues, and is highly regarded for her experience with domestic animal management and care.