Why it is Not a Good Idea to Train Your Own Dog

We all love our dogs. From the moment, we are first drawn to their face and playfulness, we enter into a commitment to bring them home and make them a member of the family. From there, it’s about establishing a confidence bond based on rules of good behavior mixed with just the right amount of trust. As your dog grows, their behaviors can change, and so that bond may need to be adjusted from time to time. Yes… I’m talking about training, and while many people think they can train their dog themselves, I prefer using a professional trainer. I believe the outcome is better which means a stronger confidence bond between you and your dog. Here’s why.

  • The trainer’s full-time job is training dogs. Sounds simple – right? A trainer’s reputation and repeat business are based upon outcomes which involve training your dog to the best of its abilities. I like this analogy best. An amateur shouldn’t lay bathroom marble tile – and an amateur shouldn’t try and train a dog. Some things are better left to the professionals.
  • The trainer will have all the necessary equipment, grounds, and motivational items for proper training. One day it could be a park, and the next session might involve crowded social situations. A trainer has a specified regimen for training. They know where to go to get the best possible outcome for proper training.
  • You are paying a trainer for their experience. They are experts at teaching pups or older dogs to obey commands. They have years of experience and skills to train dogs of different breeds and sizes effectively.
  • The professional trainer is a resource you can go back to time and time again. Upon occasion, your dog will need reinforcement of the training received. You will have questions about your dog’s behavior from time to time. Forming a relationship with a professional trainer provides an excellent go-to person when concerns arise.

I know we all love our dogs. I love mine, and with a dog comes a responsibility. As one great trainer once told me, you can’t take away the dog’s natural biology simply by giving them a bed in your house and their own food bowl. Professional training is the pathway to enjoying your dog with the safest and most loving manner possible. If you have questions about our training program, please consult with one of out pet professionals, and if you need me, I am only a bark away.


Carolyn’s Corner

Carolyn Lapps is the General Manager at Fetch Family Pet Resort. Her love and passion for all animals began at a young age and has led to a career. She is frequently consulted on pet socialization, family integration issues, and is highly regarded for her experience with domestic animal management and care.