Why Fetch Provides a Nighttime Attendant for Our Boarding Guests

Fetch Family Pet Resort has an overnight attendant so pets boarding with us have twenty-four supervision. Sounds like simple common sense, right? It’s one of those things that is just assumed by clients. Guess what? Most boarding facilities do not have round the clock supervision. We do, and it’s one of the many things that makes Fetch extra special. There are some very important reasons to provide overnight supervision and care for your pets.

Safety is always our primary concern. In September 2015, Betsy’s Law was passed in New Jersey as a consequence of a pet strangling itself during an unsupervised night shift after routine eye surgery. It took eight years to bring to fruition and requires veterinarians to disclose when they do not have twenty-four care for pets. In other words, if there is no overnight supervision, veterinarians are required to tell you such and post signs in a minimum of 24 point fonts around their facilities.

Petting an older dog

The legislation was driven by a woman named Madeleine Kayser, who at the time, determined that less than 10% of New Jersey veterinarians supplied round the clock supervision. Unfortunately, the law does not apply to boarding facilities. The vast majority of veterinarian and boarding facilities close at night and pets remain unattended until day shift comes in the next morning. Why – because it cuts down on costs not having to pay a person to attend to animals during the night. However, animals, just like people, can have a sudden onset illness occur during the night. A nighttime attendant can respond quickly and effectively to emergencies.

Your pets also have anxiety during the night when sleeping some place different. We encourage our clients to bring a blanket, bed, and favorite toy when boarding your pet. Our facilities are custom designed to make your pet feel safe and secure for a restful stay, but we could not imagine leaving them alone all night locked in a building unsupervised. It’s just not the Fetch way. Our night attendant is present to meet all your animal’s needs – even if that need is just a little reassurance with a bedtime chat.

If you are one of our doggie daycare/enrichment program customers, then you bring your pet to an environment you know is the most fun and safest around. That should not, and does not, change at Fetch just because the sun goes down. If you have any questions or wish to discuss our night-time rituals to keep your pet happy and comfortable, shoot me an email at Carolyn@fetchresort.com. I’m only a bark away.

 – Carolyn