When a Trainer Might Help

No dog is perfect – just like no dog is perfect and unlike the last car your bought, a dog doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. Although, sticking with the car analogy, there are a times when your dog can be out of alignment, and that’s when a trainer might be of help. Here are instances in which a trainer can be great benefit.

staff member and dogFirst time dog owners should always consult with a trainer. It’s a new life and lifestyle, and a trainer can offer suggestions on how to organize your life around your pet and how to best communicate with your new dog. It’s best to do this early on rather than wait until there are problems.

Experienced dog owners shouldn’t shy away from consulting a trainer. No two dogs are the same and each has its own and ever evolving personality. One should never expect a new dog to be like your previous dog. A few meetings with a trainer can help solidify that early bond and facilitate best communication methods.

Raising a teenager can be tough. A loving sweet, floppy puppy turns into a different animal when it hits those teenage years. Many canine teenagers will resist commands, run away from you, bark incessantly, and discover a whole encyclopedia of unwanted behaviors. A trainer can help explain this transition period and guide you to better behaviors as the dog enters young adulthood.

Developing bad behaviors is a major reason to engage a trainer. When a behavior becomes a habit, it can be even harder to change. A good trainer will help modify the new bad behaviors and teach your dog alternative behaviors to replace the unwanted ones. This is not a time to delay.

Any sign of aggression is a time to call a trainer. No hesitation. Any act of aggression towards you, children, guests or to another dog requires a call for help. Growling at people, lunging at people or dogs, or any signs of protectiveness are major red flags that need to be addressed. A dog trainer can intercede hopefully before your dog bites someone or another dog. A good trainer can be a barometer of future behaviors.

If any of the above applies or you simply wish to talk to a trainer about dog behavior goal setting, then give us a call or stop in for recommendation, and as always, reach out to me as I’m only a bark away.